Are You Losing Money to Ad Fraud? PeerClick Anti-fraud Kit is Coming to Save You!

  • All the necessary information in one place — it is no longer necessary to invest in third-party fraud detection tools,
  • Good relationships with offer owners — no misunderstanding and ability to establish long-term relationships,
  • Increasing your ROI — experience maximized protection of your advertising budgets.
  • the origin of an IP address — weather it originates from a known data center,
  • the frequency of clicking a given campaign from a single IP address,
  • time a user needs to click on an ad after viewing it — to exclude non-human traffic,
  • referrer reputation, based on various antivirus engines, website scanners, and tools, and many more.
  • Mean Time-To-Convert — how much time, on average, a visitor considers your offer before converting,
  • Time-To-Convert ranges — the number of conversions that have occurred.

So, that’s it. Use PeerClick Anti-fraud Kit and it shall be given to you!



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