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4 min readJul 17, 2021

Most collaboration tools require an effort to rebuild the overall workflow for the new one. But then they bring immeasurably more value to the whole company.

All teams are faced with the problem of building a clear workflow and delimitation of the employees responsibilities. This is why the original idea of ​​developing collaboration tools at PeerClick appeared.

We desided to create something that supports real work and also requires as little effort as possible to get a smooth start. To this end, we have created collaboration tools at PeerClick.

So what are these tools?

Workspaces: from complexity to clarity

Before moving on to the description of the collaboration toolkit directly, let’s get acquainted with workspaces. Their emergence was directly related to the real need to simplify every account at PeerClick.

When launching ads on a large scale, you have to work with hundreds of campaigns with even more offers, landing pages, and numerous redirect rules.

At some point, you are faced with a loss of control and understanding of all processes.

There are many options where campaigns can overlap and use shared resources. Because of this, it can be difficult to trace all the links before deleting or making changes to one of the resources.

With the help of workspaces, you can control all your assets. After launch, all existing campaigns will be organized in the initial dashboard to start working correctly. From now, you will be able to create more and more workspaces to organize campaigns underneath.

Imagine that each workspace is a separate room, but there is still a hallway that connects them all. You can store documents under lock in the rooms or on a stand in the lobby. The hall is easily accessible from all the rooms. You can work in one of the rooms and store everything you need there, or use shared resources from the hall.

By working with workspaces, your campaigns will be clearer. You can control large amounts of data and focus on what matters most.

Multiuser mode: work with others.

Now imagine that all the rooms are locked and there are a lot of people in the building. Besides you ans your boss, there are also managers and employees. You and the managers have codes that open all doors, so you can see the results of each work area. However, workers can only access the work areas in which they work. They will not be able to see what is in other rooms, but they can use everything in the hall.

The multiuser feature allows you to invite other users to work under the same account. Just like you would invite other people to our imaginary building. The invited users will have different levels of access depending on what data they need to complete their tasks.

The account owner has full access to all PeerClick features.

The administrator sees everything that happens in all workspaces, but cannot change user roles or change account subscriptions.

Workers are assigned to workspaces and work only in their own closed environment — with the addition of shared resources with statistics relevant to the user.

This completely redefines the ability to work with workspaces, since by adding other users, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing operations. This combination of functions provides endless possibilities.

For example, you can work with the strength of your in-house team, or hire freelancers or consultants (allowing them to have limited view of account numbers).

We know we can find similar workarounds. For example, you can grant access to a single read-only account. But, if the task is not to show all aspects of the campaigns, and the speed of the account is important, the best solution would be to use workspaces.

Using workspaces will also allow you to check if your data, partner data and traffic sources data have the same figures. You can, if necessary, show the results of work to the director, financial department or clients.

The workspaces have been developed entirely based on the wishes of our clients!

PeerClick customers often share their thoughts on the platform and tell us about the solutions which could make their lives easier. We have collected many opinions and ideas which turned into a collaboration feature.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who answered our questions and shared their feedback! You really help us to grow and develop according to the most convenient and logical model for our clients!

The functionality described in the article will be only the first version of this tool. Based on your feedback, we will continue to improve and develop it.

So feel free to share your ideas! To write to our team directly, click on the live chat window and leave a message. Our specialist will be happy to answer you and fix all your suggestions!



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