Do you need an ad tracker?

  • Do you advertise on your sites or pay for ad space for publishing?
  • Do you have a brand that you want to advertise?
  • Are you in the media buying business?
  • Do you run an affiliate network, hire affiliates and want to track their progress?
  • Are you the owner of the product or application?
  • Do you have a large advertising company working on custom solutions?

How does an ad tracker help you optimize your marketing efforts?

  • check all types of custom actions (regardless of whether customers are visitors clicking on ads, app users or partners you work with)
  • combine data into detailed reports, automate various tasks (for example, pause campaigns or change bids depending on specified conditions)
  • provide access to the recorded data to your colleagues or third parties
  • create simple custom solutions for large players that require a more individual approach.

1. Affiliate

2. Brand manager and agency owner

3. Media Buyer

4. Affiliate Network or Application Owner

5. Advertising agency working on customized solutions



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