Do you need an ad tracker?

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7 min readDec 4, 2021

If you have been trying to find an answer to this question for a long time, our mini checklist will help you understand the need to use the tracker for you personally. Have you ever done anything from our list?:

  • Do you advertise on your sites or pay for ad space for publishing?
  • Do you have a brand that you want to advertise?
  • Are you in the media buying business?
  • Do you run an affiliate network, hire affiliates and want to track their progress?
  • Are you the owner of the product or application?
  • Do you have a large advertising company working on custom solutions?

If even one item from the list matches, you will definitely need an ad tracker! Using alternatives such as: Google-excel, elementary reporting systems, free Google Analytics or an innate instinct inherited from grandmother, you will always lose to professionals who have made a choice in favor of a professional tool.

How does an ad tracker help you optimize your marketing efforts?

An ad tracker is a cloud-based or standalone platform designed to manage all components of marketing campaigns.

The most advanced ones, like Peerclick, not only track and measure campaigns, but also allow them to be automated, optimized and scaled for maximum results. Moreover, you will be able to integrate with other platforms — traffic sources, affiliate networks and others.

An ad tracker allows you to:

  • check all types of custom actions (regardless of whether customers are visitors clicking on ads, app users or partners you work with)
  • combine data into detailed reports, automate various tasks (for example, pause campaigns or change bids depending on specified conditions)
  • provide access to the recorded data to your colleagues or third parties
  • create simple custom solutions for large players that require a more individual approach.

If you’re still not convinced that you need a tracker, here is a list of the most common times a tracker like PeerClick can be useful.

1. Affiliate

Our product was created for you .

PeerClick allows you to track all campaign parameters: offers, ads, referral links, operators, browser versions, device models, etc. You get extensive analytics on organic and paid traffic data from many sources.

PeerClick uses a secure, cookie-free URL postback method for campaign tracking and conversion attribution. The tracker processes billions of clicks every day, with several grouping, filtering and optimization features available, allowing you to focus on improving your ad performance.

All in one, PeerClick has everything every successful affiliate needs in 2021.

2. Brand manager and agency owner

Brand management is not easy! It doesn’t matter at all whether it is a new brand which is not yet recognizable, or a well-established brand that needs to expand its reach. What is the difficulty, you ask? I will give a couple of examples.

For instance, you have many business channels to work with: paid social advertising, influencers, paid search, and classic organic traffic. How to act in such a situation? Many companies treat each channel almost like a separate area and hire people to work with this type of traffic. The cost of building such a process is as unreal as delegating all of this work to one person.

Lots of people — poor communication and big budgets. One person — a complete mess on all fronts.

! But, if you hire several people and give them an advertising tracker to help, at the end we will get clear statistics and a complete picture. After all, all paid social or search campaigns can be tracked using PeerClick. PeerClick syncs your spending data with Facebook and Google using APIs so you always have the data you need.

For influencers, you will be able to create individual ad campaigns and track their progress using the Revshare (or other) cost model. You will know how much you owe them and how much money they brought you.

You can also track people who accidentally hit your site.

If brand owners want to stay informed and have access to fresh and accurate data, a generic report can be generated. It works like this: you form a set of data that third parties should have access to, and generate a special link for them. Then you pass this link into good hands.

When someone clicks on a link, they see not only static data (such as earnings for June), but dynamic data (profits for the last 7 days). And all this without providing full access to the tracker.

If you need full access, at any time you can create a separate workspace by adding the data you want to share (columns, campaigns) and invite the right people as users to your account.

3. Media Buyer

If you work with ad giants like Facebook or Google, you probably have multiple accounts. It’s quite tricky to collect all the data scattered across different accounts. This is why PeerClick allows you to store all your data in one place. Using the tracker, you can track campaigns across multiple accounts and get cost data using API integration.

With recent changes to Apple’s privacy policy, media buyers who work with Facebook and buy iOS traffic face an additional challenge. The whole well-oiled scheme of work went wrong. Now, if you simply place a Facebook pixel on your product page, the cookies left by that pixel will be treated as third-party and therefore blocked in Safari and, in the future, other browsers as well.

With a custom pixel created by PeerClick, you can track conversions using your own cookies. You can also post conversions via PeerClick to Facebook and optimize your campaigns there. PeerClick is versatile enough to fit your needs.

When purchasing media ads on platforms such as Taboola or Outbrain, it is difficult not to be frustrated by the poverty of data for building statistics and reporting. It is clear, because the main purpose of traffic sources is to manage ad inventory, and not a powerful tracking system.

But if you integrate your traffic source with PeerClick, you have access to layers of additional data, sophisticated reports, and more. Also for Taboola and Outbrain, you can create rules that will allow you to pause your campaigns, adjust bids for sites, or send you a notification when configured conditions are met.

4. Affiliate Network or Application Owner

a) Affiliate Network
If you have three partners and two offers it’s quite easy to manage your own affiliate network. But anything outside of this scheme will cause difficulties. After all, you will have to track the effectiveness of each partner, manage the offers and landing pages to which they have access, calculate the commissions of each partner, and at the same time manage to make a profit

Fortunately, if you use PeerClick as a web-builder, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. PeerClick was designed to allow you to invite colleagues granting them access to various elements of your marketing campaigns.

You can also treat each affiliate program as a separate campaign and track the traffic that affiliates bring and the income they generate. Set up different conditions and see how well each partner performs. Set and receive alerts to find out when their performance drops.

PeerClick gives access to more complex scenarios. Want to provide API access to connect to third-party platforms? Easily! Do you want to process affiliate traffic? No problem! Want to share data with your partners or customers without giving them access to PeerClick? Yes, easily!

b) Application owner

Do you develop your own mobile games and don’t know how to start advertising? The combination of PeerClick and AppsFlyer will cover your needs completely.

PeerClick will take care of the standard tracking of paid marketing campaigns, while AppsFlyer will act as a mobile attribution tool, tracking app installs and in-app activity.

You will need both tools to run a successful mobile campaign. Fortunately, PeerClick and AppsFlyer are integrated partners.

If you are worried about whether you can track campaigns on iOS due to lack of access to IDFA. Then we hasten to inform you that here PeerClick has taken care of your convenience. For more information, I recommend you to read our article on How iOS 14.5 Update Affects Ad Tracking. But here’s the short version: Because of this update, Apple handles the conversion attribution themselves and doesn’t pass click id data to AppsFlyer. Therefore AppsFlyer cannot send the click id in the postback url.

PeerClick, unlike other trackers, can accept postbacks without click ID information if a campaign ID is being sent that will be supported by AppsFlyer.

The absence of a click identifier will make it impossible to accurately attribute the conversion — it will not make it possible to associate a specific click on an ad with a specific conversion. But at least you will be able to track how many people clicked on this ad, downloaded your app, and reached a certain level in the game.

5. Advertising agency working on customized solutions

Companies don’t get big by doing what everyone else does. Scaling successfully requires more unique and professional tools. PeerClick is the golden key to creating custom solutions.

Moreover, sometimes the ideas of one company become a real panacea for the treatment of collective pain. Fulfilling custom orders, the most interesting functions become available to all our clients.

For example, handling postbacks without a source of click IDs came about as a result of customer requests wishing to counter the restrictions imposed by the iOS 14.5 update. The number of ways in which this function was applied surprised even us: tracking applications, Amazon affiliate programs, offline conversions, and so on.

We love situations where changing the way for one client opens a new door for others. Therefore, if you work in the field of marketing and feel that the existing tools for work do not provide certain functions or limit you, write to us and order a demo. We promise to consider any request and analyze any case of using the tracker.

Have you already figured out how to use an ad tracker for yourself?



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