Everything you need to know about Push traffic in 2021

Push notifications continue to be the most popular and attractive digital ad format. This type of advertising is not only user-friendly, but also more profitable. Today we will discuss every aspect of working with the most converting traffic. Ready to find out more?

Let’s start from the very beginning ………

Those short messages that appear at least a couple of times a day on the screen of your smartphone are called push notifications. They are sent by apps or websites and usually refer to news, weather forecasts or alerts (flight changes, social media updates) or any other information that interests you.

Advertising push notifications show ads instead of information.

Everything is very simple. Users must agree to receive push notifications from the website. The advertisement then appears on the user’s mobile and desktop devices in the form of notifications.

Now you see why push notifications are leaders among other types of advertising. Push ads use a subscription-based model, which means the user must first agree to receive them. Thanks to this simple action, you can pre-qualify the audience and take into account only those users who initially show a strong interest in digital offers.

Another advantage of push notifications is that ads are shown even when people are not browsing Internet. By clicking on a notification, users are taken to the promoted landing page or directly to the offer.

Web push ads are new to the market. These are alerts that pop up in the user’s browser window. They have become a response to the growing restrictions on traditional push notifications.

For example, the new 80th version of Google Chrome examines how the user reacts to push notifications, and if he usually turns them off, removes all further push notifications.

To solve this and other problems, web developers have introduced a type of media ad that looks almost exactly like a push notification. Since such push notifications are generated by the web page itself and not by the web browser, they are immune to any web browser policies.

Like any type of advertising, push notifications have their pros and cons. However, this particular format has a number of undeniable advantages, due to which everyone should try the launch of push advertising.

  • High-quality traffic and real audience
  • 300+ million potential users worldwide
  • Higher CTR than with banner ads
  • Incredible ad visibility
  • A sense of urgency
  • Advanced customization options
  • Simple pricing model with high return on investment (ROI)

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Push ads are not blocked and easily bypasses the banner blindness phenomenon.

Sounds good? What about conversion rate? After all, no matter how simple and cheap the advertising format is, the main thing is profit. Let’s take a look at the effectiveness of push ads.

To work competently with push notifications, you need to choose a vertical. The best verticals for this type of ad format are:






Why did we choose them, you ask. In these verticals you’ll find offers that advertise well by creating a sense of urgency:

“Get this financial opportunity now!”

“Love is not far off”

“Want to get a chance to win a new PS5?”

You cannot use this language when selling fishing equipment.

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to pay attention to detail. This is especially important when setting up a push campaign. In order for such a campaign to bring good conversions, each of its main elements must be carefully optimized: image, title, and description (main message).

Each of these elements can be customized and made highly effective, it all depends on your imagination.

However, there are some rules to follow every time you create a new ad campaign.

People perceive information better visually, so graphics are the first thing that catches your eye. If the creative is boring and safe, there is a high risk that the push ad will be flicked off the screen without reading the carefully composed text.

On the other hand, too complex designs placed in a tiny push notification icon will only cause confusion and frustration.

Therefore, you need to find a balance between the first and the second. Don’t be afraid to experiment, rely on your intuition. You face push notifications every day, it is worth remembering which ones attracted you personally.

The main thing is to start from the essence. The bottom line is that you sell products through your phone screen. There is no need to use metaphors and too complicated words.

A smart ad description is your last chance for a successful conversion.

Think of it this way: first, the user is attracted to the image. Further, if the user has not clicked on the image, the rate goes on a catchy name. If all previous efforts have not had the desired effect, it remains to hope for a sensible description of the offer.

We’re done with the theory for now, so let’s get down to practice.

To get started, check out our review of the best push traffic sources.

An example of a well-created push ad

Here’s an example of a well-designed summer-themed push notification.

All three main elements of push ads are optimized here. Tempting image (it’s worth remembering that push is an ad format not intended for the adult category). You can notice a sense of urgency in the description with a couple of “strong words” such as “deal”, “sale” or “discount”. Moreover, there are several emoticons arranged in the best possible way.

Affiliate marketing seems like an easy way to make money. Unfortunately, not everything is so simple. It takes a lot of training, hard work, and optimization skills to make money.

Building a well-performing push campaign takes time, good ideas, and patience. Building a brilliant campaign that will make you profit from scratch is not an easy task. It will take a lot of A / B tests to find out which combination of text and design is most effective.

Working with advertisements, it’s wise to develop a strategy based on good data rather than hoping for the best while struggling with chaotic optimization. Ad tracker is the best way to get this data, measure performance, and manage your campaigns in one place.

Ad trackers collect user data on the Internet for further use in your future campaigns. Thanks to ad trackers, you will be able to know exactly what audience you are dealing with, where they are from, what mobile device they are using, and much more.

More importantly, the tracker makes it easy to manage campaigns and launch them from one platform, regardless of ad format and traffic source.

PeerClick was developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. It is a powerful technical solution focused on optimizing and automating campaigns.

Let PeerClick take care of all your ad campaigns while you get rich.

  • Optimization is our everything
  • Advertising without a tracker is like going to the battlefield armed with prayers and songs,
  • People enjoy spending time with their mobile phones, even under lockdown.
  • The last point is an excellent forecast for the profitability of push ads.

To summarize, push ads are a popular type of native ad format that offers advertisers an unobtrusive and convenient way to grow their audience. Here are some important takeaways to remember from this article:

  • Push advertising is still trending
  • Ads are shown on the user’s desktop or mobile device, even when he is not actively using them
  • Higher CTR and ROI are one of the main proven advantages of push notifications
  • Users must subscribe to receive push ads, which makes them less intrusive
  • Making a good push push takes time, good ideas and A / B testing
  • To increase your effectiveness, you need to track and manage all advertising components, here it is recommended to purchase an advertising tracker

Sign up to PeerClick today to track, manage and optimize your push ads!



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