Everything you need to know about Push traffic in 2021

What are push notifications?

How push ads work — subscription-based model

Push vs web push ads

Why should you use push notifications?

  • High-quality traffic and real audience
  • 300+ million potential users worldwide
  • Higher CTR than with banner ads
  • Incredible ad visibility
  • A sense of urgency
  • Advanced customization options
  • Simple pricing model with high return on investment (ROI)

Find profitable push ad verticals

How to set up a converting push ad campaign

Creatives should be simple but catchy

Keep your headline short and concise

Make your description creative and effective

Choose your traffic source correctly.

A few tips before launching push campaigns

Track the performance of your campaigns and automate your work with PeerClick

How do ad trackers work?

Why PeerClick?

Top push axioms of 2021

  • Optimization is our everything
  • Advertising without a tracker is like going to the battlefield armed with prayers and songs,
  • People enjoy spending time with their mobile phones, even under lockdown.
  • The last point is an excellent forecast for the profitability of push ads.

Push notifications — key takeaways

  • Push advertising is still trending
  • Ads are shown on the user’s desktop or mobile device, even when he is not actively using them
  • Higher CTR and ROI are one of the main proven advantages of push notifications
  • Users must subscribe to receive push ads, which makes them less intrusive
  • Making a good push push takes time, good ideas and A / B testing
  • To increase your effectiveness, you need to track and manage all advertising components, here it is recommended to purchase an advertising tracker



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