IOS 14.5 Update: Impact on Ad Tracking

Where are we now?

Changes in the iOS 14.5 update

What is IDFA?

IOS 14.5 update: problems for advertisers

IOS 14.5 update release date

Key outputs

  1. If you don’t track installs or additional in-app sales, then iOS 14.5 won’t affect you.
  2. If you use PeerClick to track app installs or add. sales in applications, everything will work correctly. But the work of the third-party elements of the advertising campaign (traffic sources, affiliate networks) can be affected.
  3. Even if your traffic source or affiliate network are affected by the update, they have most likely already taken the right steps to keep themselves safe before Apple makes the change.
  4. If you are still not sure if the necessary measures have been taken, do not hesitate to ask the support team of your traffic source / affiliate network — they will help to clarify everything.



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