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Push notifications have gained immense popularity, and for a good reason too. When used correctly, they can show incredible effectiveness and help you to engage new and re-engage your existing users. But you should have good targeting and optimization skills, plenty of testing and patience to set up a successful push notification ads campaign. So we are going to consider what are the hottest trends and practices in push ad design at the moment.

You should already know, but let us remind that each push notification ad consists of three main elements (whether it’s displayed on a mobile device or desktops): an image, a title, and a description/message. Each of those elements is customizable.

As images are too small in push notifications, there is no reason to use images with a lot of small details on them — these elements will be unreadable to your audience. Instead of making them confused, attract their attention with a simple and catchy picture, icon or logo.

Certain studies had shown that icons give better results than photos of real people.

A colour scheme is another significant factor. Red light raises your awareness while driving a car, it’s also a warning signal in the wildlife. But it doesn’t work so well in the affiliate marketing environment. Your users want to feel safe while surfing online, that’s why using green is a better idea.

Furthermore, you can check how black and white images work for your campaign. Such imagery has a good chance of drawing attention.

We have already mentioned that push ad creative size is rather tiny. So don’t think that it is a good idea to add some additional text on it! There’s enough space in the title and description sections for this purpose.

So leave your image clean!

Not so long ago emojis broke into our lives, and now with the same success they conquer affiliate marketing.

According to multiple sources, emojis may increase CTR up to 25–40%. Of course, a click doesn’t mean a conversion (and you still have to pay for it in the CPC pricing model) but more traffic combined with a good offer and your persuasive skills may lead you to decent profits.

Note: CleverTap analysis showed, emojis work best with these verticals: business and finance, utilities and services, retail, and — on the other hand — are not the best option for entertainment and events, travel and hospitality, health and fitness.

Wrapping things up

Push notification ads love testing — you need to run lots of A/B testing to learn which combination of copy and design converts best. Test your push notification ads campaigns with PeerClick to get better results. Smoothly working granular reports, post-install analytics, and flexible campaign setup makes A/B testing and optimizing in this tracking software just a matter of a few minutes of work. Better get started then making money with push notifications and PeerClick!

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