Top 5 Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives in 2021

What made the Amazon affiliate program so attractive?

  • It is a mistake to think of Amazon as a big online store. Amazon is a giant technology platform with a wide range of opportunities for selling goods to people. That’s why Amazon is so good. It didn’t compete with other online stores, it invented its own game.
  • Unlike Amazon, most online stores only deal with specific products selected through market analysis. They can not brag about a wide range of products due to storage costs and logistics
  • Moreover, Amazon decided to learn the pricing from its customers. That allowed to offer not only the best prices for the most popular products, but also a cheap alternative to a number of products.
  • Amazon is primarily about technology, not commerce. Trade is rather a side activity of the platform. Right now Amazon cloud operations are more profitable than commercial businesses.
  • Marketers have partial access to Amazon’s tools. Information about popular products and the products which are frequently purchased together is available to them. You should agree, that such an advantage is a weighty argument in favor of the Amazon affiliate program.
  • Amazon gives access to an army of regular customers, as well as to some an idea of ​​what will work when an ad is launched.
  • The plus is also countless range of products that you can advertise. No matter what niche you decide to go in. Amazon will cover almost any need for a marketer.

Alternatives to the Amazon Affiliate Program in 2021!



Ebay Affiliate Network

  • When you post a link to a fixed price offer, the visitor who clicks on your link must complete the purchase within 24 hours. When this time expires, the tracking cookie dies, and even if sale appears you will not receive a commission.
  • When you post a link to an auction, the visitor clicking on your link must bid on the product within 24 hours. When he does it, there will be 10 days (more than the average for the auction) to win the auction. Commission rates vary.

CJ Affiliate

AliExpress Affiliate Program

There is always an alternative.

Affiliate Program Tracking



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